Saturday, 22 October 2011

Busy, busy, busy

This week has been frankly manic! It's my second (or third) week at work now of which I'm getting irrationally pissed off because they don't do the rota in time for the following week. I worked yesterday afternoon with not a clue about my rota next week. And unless I go in or call up when they're busy I won't know. I've paid for childcare now for the boys for next week so will be mega pissed off if I don't get enough hours to cover it.

I did my biology exam on Wednesday night. That was interesting, the last two questions none of us in class had been taught it so we were all a bit confused and not many of us answered the questions. I did have a guess so who knows. Again it's marked pass, merit, distinction. I'm just awaiting the email to confirm what I've got.

I also started my voluntary work at hospital this week, I was absolutely astounded at how damn hard the staff work and they were so thankful of the fact I was there giving up my time going around and talking to the patients. I have to say some of the patients were just lovely and one person I sat down and spoke with for about twenty minutes.

So it's not much on paper but I have been a little bit busy...I'm out in town tonight for the first time in about six or seven months which I'm really looking forward to. I've got some lush shoes to wear with them too

Love em!

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