Saturday, 29 October 2011

Do you like lists?

I love making little lists for myself, they're mainly around household chores that need doing. I will also add something to list that wasn't on there that I have done just so I can tick it off. Anyone else?

Whats on your list today? My list is this:
1. Sort out the floordrobe
2. Go through Roberts clothes and get them on facebay/ebay/charity shop bag.
3. Put away my mountain range of clothing currently cluttering one of my sofas
4. Get dressed...yep at 13:05GMT we are still in our pj's.
5. Go to a halloween party in Ashford.

I'm seriously struggling with the work/college/mum/life balance at the moment and you can see this when you look at my home. Things are NOT good. I can only call it a temporary blip for so long can't I?

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