Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Not such the perfect father after all...

I'm in a bit of a predicament, my ex known as twat again for now is being a bit of a erm well twat.

I asked if he would be happy to have Robert for me if I booked up to go away for my birthday next year. He agreed and said yes of course. I asked Sean the same thing and he said, yep, just let me know the dates and I will book it off work and take Joshua away for a week. So fast forward to the weekend just gone and he's pressuring me to meet the wife and then throws me the 'well when you're away next year she will be looking after him as I've got to work' card at me. I mean WTF? I would have thought any NORMAL man would actually want to spend time with his son but no he's pawning him off on the wife for the week. Fucks sake. Pisses me right off.....not only that but the last three weekends he's been down there and I've given him his swimming stuff he's not taken him. It's like he wants to put on the facade of being this perfect father when in fact he's really not. The novelty of being 'dad' has worn off. He wanted to go down to every other weekend having him from Friday to Sunday which at the moment I'm not prepared to do neither is it fair on Robert to go from seeing him every week to every other.

The blokes a fucking cock, end of.

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