Thursday, 29 September 2011

Class Geek

I am really enjoying being back in education, it's a good challenge and I appear to just get it. I'm also one of these people that always surrenders answers when a question is asked. But I always seem to be one of the only ones to surrender answers. I guess I have no fear of getting it wrong and I love learning. You learn by your mistakes. I just really hate the feeling of coming across as the class geek when really I'm not at all. I find it easier to do work at college than at home. I get distracted way too easily either on facebook, twitter, internet forums or here on my blog. I always leave things to the last minute.

Yesterdays biology assignment is a perfect example of that. I literally left it til yesterday afternoon to finish the essay and I still didn't have the time to revise organelles. There would have been no chance I would have finished had it not been for the amazing help of a very good friend of mine that had my youngest in the afternoon. Thank goodness for friends eh.

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