Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm hungry tonight

I hate it when I get in from college and by the time I decide I'm hungry it's actually too late to eat. I found the refectory and picked up some beef flavoured hula hoops..nom nom. My meals today have been incredibly bad.

B: Bowl of frosties approx 300cals
L: 1/4 of a pizza, bag of baked crisps 140cals, 120cals
D: Nothing
Snacks: Beef flavoured hula hoops. 140cals

No wonder I'm starving hungry having had just 700 cals all day!! Probably a bit more than that actually when I factor in drinks, milk etc. I must go shopping tomorrow and get some decent food in. This is NOT the way to getting my beach body by starving myself. Paul Mackenna says I can eat what I want. I just need to listen to my body when it says it's full.

I am pleased to report however I lost around 4lbs in just over a week.

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