Friday, 23 September 2011

I hate the school run

I honestly can not abide the school run. Making petty conversations with the parents, over hearing some bragging about how amazing their child is, feeling completely out of place because they're all so cliquey and you don't quite fit in with them either socially or fashionably. In just over a year of doing them I can only say I have a very small handful of 'school mum friends'. The rest of them are just polite but I don't think they would ever go out of their way to help. When your child is, how shall I put it, easily influenced by the behaviour of others, I don't think parents want to socialise with the parent of the 'naughty child' in class.

And then you have the jobsworth traffic wardens that don't appear until the moment when your child's class come out of school and you're parked on single yellow lines so you end up running down the road, finding a parking space in the permit parking areas and racing back to the school,the other parents giving you looks of disappointment as you briskly walk past them huffing, puffing and red in the face to find your child distraught and upset that you left them.

That is why I hate the school run.

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