Monday, 19 September 2011

To do list before I turn 30

1. If I get the London Marathon

I've always been strangely fascinated with the marathon and wished that one day I could do it..well I applied in April this year to be entered into the ballot. It would be amazing to do it, although I can imagine it will near on kill me but it's for a good cause. I'm doing it for Camille. She kicked cancers arse and every child in her position deserves a chance to survive. For more information please take a look at

2. Lose weight

Now this should come naturally the more I train for aforementioned marathon. The only problem is I love shit food. Burgers, sweets, chocolate, chinese, pizza...the list is endless everything that puts lbs on your arse or stomach from just sniffing it. I've therefore decided to try (but not try too hard) to stop eating this shit food and making better more positive decisions about what I fill my face with. Why o why did I buy that limited edition mars bar earlier?

3. Complete my college course

I'm just about to enter my second week now, my books are arriving for psychology and biology this week and I have my first assignment to do that is due for submission in just over a week ARGH!!! I'm still completley clueless on harvard referencing and I'm not even sure if the structure of my essay is correct.

4. Get into University

This is my biggest BIGGEST thing on my to do list! If I get into University it would be just absolutely amazing. To fulfil my well as get into an absurd amount of debt, never see my children and do a stupid amount of hours but the end result will be my dream job.

5. Spend my 30th in Tenerife

Oh yeah, I'm doing it chavesque stylee holiday...or's going to be a blissful childfree relaxing holiday. Even the hotel is a childfree zone. I can't wait, and even better I get to spend it with one of my bessies. Maybe we'll have a drink or two too......

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